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Product Highlight: Handcrafted Granola by Clean Nature

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Although granola isn’t traditionally an Ayurvedic food, it has always been one of those favorite go-to soul hunger types of snacks. Especially during the earlier years of my health journey, I always sought out but could never find the perfect granola. It was either loaded with too much refined sugars and syrups, contained preservatives, had too much dried fruit and not enough nuts, too chewy or too dried out. So I did what a true granola girl would do and made my own.

The brand name Clean Nature came to fruition during my years studying holistic nutrition and culinary arts in the Pacific Northwest. Living amongst the Red cedar trees and a quick one mile hike to Lake Washington, I found myself in the epicenter of my own healing journey, rooted and steeping in nature’s wisdom, internally aligned with something greater than me, but not separate from me.

The trees whispered and the birds cooed, Clean Nature, Clean Nature- balanced living and harmony.

Organic - Small Batch - Handcrafted

Clean Nature uses mostly organic ingredients and always non-GMO, sourcing everything as clean, natural, and fresh as possible. Natural sugars like maple syrup, local honey, and raw dates are used instead of refined sugars and artificial or non-nutritive sweeteners. Clean Nature has perfected her standard granola recipe, and has since created a handful of original flavors such as Vanilla Almond Clusters, Grain-free Maple Nut, Honey Lavender, and Cacao Peanut Butter Granola, which all include a liberal amount of spices, giving the granola that Ayurvedic kiss. Clean Nature's granola is baked with so much love and intention.

All bags are food-grade sealed and 100% compostable.

Clean Nature's granola is made to order and baked in small batches daily to yield the freshest product possible. If visiting the high desert, you can purchase Clean Nature’s granola at Roadrunner Grab + Go, Grateful Desert Apothecary, Yucca Tree Organic Eatery, Cedar and Sage Wellness Studio, Desert General, and Mas O Menos.

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