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Chef Services

Click on the buttons below to see sample menus, pricing and details. Please note that each pricing template may vary depending on client's requests.


I teach community yoga classes!


Find me on the schedule at Earth Yoga & Spa in Yucca Valley:

Please inquire within to hire yoga teacher for private events, parties, and small and large groups.

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“People are fed by the food industry, which pays no attention to health, and are treated by the health industry, which pays no attention to food.” - Wendell Berry


Every menu is whole foods based, plant forward, seasonal, and as organic as possible. Deeply influenced by Ayurveda’s wisdom, I am committed to creating menus with intentionality that satisfy each client’s vision for their retreat or event. As a yoga teacher and holistic nutritionist, retreats are my specialty. Meals are served mixed style: buffet, grazing boards, family style, and plated. For dinner, bachelorette, and intimate parties of the like, each guest will receive a keepsake menu. My mission is to nourish you.

 Yoga, wellness, and health retreats.

 Intimate events, gatherings & related collabs.

 Cooking style: Healthy Homestyle.

Event & Retreat Chef


Each menu is unique, seasonal, and tailored to each client after completing an evaluation of allergies, food sensitivities, diet preferences, and goals. Clients have the opportunity to co-create a menu or leave it up entirely to the chef. These personal chef services help alleviate the stress of feeding you and your family healthy but flavorful food with nourishing, consistent, and chef-prepared meals. Weekly services and ongoing correspondence build client-chef trust and give me an opportunity to not only feed you, but share practical healthy solutions for you to incorporate on a daily basis. In-home chef services are not the same as a standard meal prep service: 90% or more ingredients are organic, items utilized from chef’s pantry which includes high quality oils and vinegars, spices, legumes, grains and flours, cultured ghee, from scratch staples, and other specialty ingredients.

In-home meal prep, weekly fridge restock, plated family dinners.

Ayurvedic dinner parties, women’s gathering, bachelorette parties.

Chef for hire for other related collaborations.

Private Chef Services


Ayurveda is a holistic healing system from ancient India that works in tandem with its sister science yoga, to restore and maintain balance in your mind-body. Although Ayurvedic principles are rooted in the classical Vedic era, its timeless roots are translated in a modern voice making it practical, relatable, and something that’s actually fun to implement. Ayurveda combines food and nutrition, yoga and movement, herbs and lifestyle practices to awaken us to our true nature and well-being, inspiring us to develop a loving and healthy relationship with who we are at our cores.

Do you feel like you've tried everything? From supplements to superfoods, calorie-counting to high-fat diets? Yet somehow you always land up right where you started- a deep desire to feel confident in your own body and live in complete health harmony. Ayurveda illuminates the root cause of imbalances and gives us a personalized roadmap to come back home to our bodies. Under the guidance of this time-tested wisdom, I will provide you with simple and easy-to-follow tools to help re-align you with the seasons and cycles of life and nature. 


All consultation services take place in a one-to-one setting with complete confidentiality. My 1:1 sessions take you on an inner journey, exploring your current relationship with your body and food and how that relates to your relationships, mindset, perspective, attitude, current symptoms and imbalances. After completing a comprehensive assessment highlighting current status and goals, you’ll be guided to deep dive into your health through self-awareness and inquiry of day-to-day living and tendencies, thus developing a meaningful understanding of a holistic health approach.


Be prepared to transform your relationship with food and your overall health and well-being through "in the body" practices that help establish a solid foundation for daily living. Although food and nutrition are highlighted, there is an emphasis on yoga, meditation, breathwork, physical movement practices, and nature-based observances. With 650+ training hours in yoga and varied fitness methods, I confidently incorporate exercise and moving meditations with my client, offering both an immersive and educational experience. My consulting services are for the individual who is ready to come into total harmony with themselves on all levels, the seasons, life’s realities, and nature’s wisdom. 

90-minute Initial Ayurvedic Consultation ($150)

30-minute Follow Up ($65)

Ayurvedic Nutrition Consulting & Food Plan ($450 launch price)

Yoga & Ayurveda Mentorship (coming soon)

Ayurvedic Nutrition Coaching